Data Wrangling like trifacta

Is there any plan to include data wrangling functionality like Trifacta or OpenRefine? Dremio looks quite extensible and Virtual datasets could essentially accomplish that.

Hey @drajput, thanks for reaching out. Dremio already has various capabilities around data curation, similar to what you can achieve with tools like Trifacta. Here are a few articles that talk about Data Curation in Dremio:

On top of this, all the wrangling and data curation in Dremio is virtual and can be accelerated. This means you don’t have to “export” (a lot of copies of the same data) or run jobs every time your data changes or you update your logic, Dremio automatically applies the wrangling logic on the fly and can also accelerate queries underneath the covers. Check this article for a more detailed comparison.

With each release, we strive to expand wrangling capabilities and improve the end-user experience. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback.