Deleted cloudformation stack, would like to start over


I created a sonar project through dremio cloud and didn’t pick the right settings for it the first time.

I’ve deleted my cloudformation stack and I was hoping to delete my organization so that I could start over and create a new cloudformation stack.

However I can’t seem to find a way to do this through the UI. Is there a settings page that I’m missing?


Hello, could you please share your Dremio Cloud Organization ID to me over DM? Thanks.

I couldn’t find the option to send you a DM unfortunately

But here’s my org id 22fa6b7d-751d-4a81-a32d-9e5fdf3d34ba. I don’t mind publishing it since there’s no data in it, and it is going to be deleted anyway

Thanks! I’ve reached out to you over DM for further details. Looking forward to your response.