Deletion of organization to which no one has access anymore


due to registering to a Dremio Event with an e-mail address with which I administered an organization, I and all the designated admins for this organization cannot manage the organization anymore. We would like to delete the organization. How can we do that? I have the organization ID, if needed.

Thank you!

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting Dremio.
Currently, Dremio Cloud Org can be deleted only via the Dremio Support team. For security purposes, could you please share your Dremio Cloud Organization ID to me over DM Direct Message?


Hi Radu,

As discussed via DM, this is to inform you that this request for Org Deletion was also requested to us internally by one of our Solution architects (Internal ID for record purposes #SRE-760). However, this might take some time to complete the delete Org operation from our end.
Meanwhile, you can also delete the cloud formation stack to remove AWS resources in order to avoid incurring cost.

Shantanu Singh