Dremio Cloud account deletion

Morning, I was not able to find any information on how a Dremio Cloud account could be removed once is set up. Any information on that?

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We would have to submit a delete request for your org. Could you please private message me with your organization ID and your email used to sign into Dremio Cloud? You can find this in Settings → Organization Settings.

For now, you can disable your engines in Dremio Cloud by going to Settings → Project Settings → Engines. This will prevent your account from incurring any additional charges on the AWS side. You can also delete your CFT stack in AWS if you launched Dremio Cloud via CloudFormation.


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Thanks Cindy I did submit a Dremio Support account because I was not able to remove the network interface and had a residual cost, but thanks for that CFT tip. I did not realize and I could just remove the whole thing. Thanks!