Error creating Dremio Cloud Sonar project

I’m trying to create a Sonar Project in Dremio Cloud and getting this error:
“[{redacted_org_guid}]:A conflicting operation is currently in progress for this organization. Check the organization status later and try again if needed”

I had tried to previously set this up, but needed to exit to get an app registration created in Azure. Nothing shows up in the Sonar Project list or anything in the Organization settings.

I will send you a private message so we get the org id from you to investigate further

Thanks for replying, but I finally got a response from the Dremio chat and this was it:
“Hi Chris, it looks like your organization has entered a bad state. I recommend creating a fresh organization if you’d like to continue testing.”

So, I was able to sign up again and create a new organization and everything is working. Then, I was able to delete the old one. To be honest, it’s kind of an odd UX to have to sign up again with the same email address in order to create a new organization. Just my 2 cents.