Disappear datasets startwith Chinese character


I just updated dremio to version 4.3.0-202005130340290582-323f05d9. And then I found a problem, it could not display all datasets which startwith Chinese character. However, it seems these datasets just disappear from list, I can query these hidden datasets. Is there any configuration need to be modified?


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The problem still exists at present.

@bigfacewo @joshzda We are fixing a similar issue in an upcoming release and have checked if it will address this issue

@joshzda @bigfacewo The problem should have been fixed in our latest versions. Can you please give it a try?

Yes, it does now. I tested on version ā€œ22.1.1-202208230402290397-a7010f28ā€.

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Iā€™m glad it works for you now. Thanks for your feedback.