Dremio cloud on GCP

Hello! Is there any predictions to have dremio cloud on GCP?

@tramontini In the road map but not ETA

Oh ok! We really would like to use Dremio full’s potential, the enterprise can be used in on premise or only in cloud?

@tramontini Dremio Enterprise Edition is available on both Software (on-prem) version as well as Cloud version.
The below doc provides the details and features available for enterprise version:
Ref [1] Dremio
[2] Get Started with Dremio Software | Dremio

Even on GCP? Because if it’s true will be a GREAT improvement to us!


See if the “Capabilities Overview” table here would help you understand better

As of writing,
Dremio Cloud (managed service, both Standard (free) and Enterprise) → Available on AWS today.
Dremio Software (self managed, both Community (free) and Enterprise) → Install yourself on top of any cloud VMs (including GCP) or on on-prem hardware. You can also deploy over Kubernetes (including GKS) or over YARN.