Dremio container on Openshift

Hi guys.

Been trying to get the Dremio container up and running on Openshift. This is to provide a POC environment for our developers.

I have created mounts for both the log or data directories. (before I did this Dremio wrote exceptions to the console).

I’ve now encountered a blocking issue (most likely due to my inexperience of containers). I get the following error :

container_linux.go:247: starting container process caused "exec: “bin/dremio”: stat bin/dremio: no such file or directory"

Does anyone have any ideas?

Many thanks.


I would guess that whatever is trying to start the dremio executable is doing so from the wrong directory. If you’re able to change the script that is calling dremio from a relative path (‘bin/dremio’) to a fully qualified path (e.g.: ‘/opt/dremio/bin/dremio’… substitute for the correct path!) that might solve things


the process that starts Dremio can find the jar, because if I don’t create mounts for both the log and data then the Dremio jar spits exceptions to the console.

Hey David,

I’m going to need a few more details. Can you provide the script that starts Dremio? Can you also provide where Dremio is installed. Did you install using the tar.gz or the rpm?

You mention a JAR; which JAR are you specifically talking about? Typically, a Dremio install has multiple folders including config, executables, and jars.



Thanks Christy.

Redhat Openshift is a container environment. It manages Docker containers.

I’m using the official Docker file for Dremio, which is here:


Openshift will “pull” the docker file from the docker hub. The Docker file is maintained in Github here:

Redhat Openshift manages the execution of the Docker file, and in theory it should just work, as the Docker file will contain all the information necessary for the container to start.


Aha, I see. Could you provide your BuildConfig for Dremio on OpenShift?

I think, looking at things, that the Docker working directory must be changed somehow. The command to start Dremio is defined relative to the working directory, and I’m suspecting that the OpenShift build process is changing this somehow.

Currently am working with a customer that successfully has Dremio deployed via Docker in Openshift. To answer your original post, the cmd we used to start Dremio (and what Christy mentioned in using the path) is

sh /opt/dremio/bin/dremio start

that should replace your line 5 in run.sh. Maybe try that?
FYI - your Docker script is pulling a super old Dremio version 1.3.1. We are currently on 2.0.5, probably worth changing :smiley:

Thanks Anthony.

As the docker file is out of date, can someone please either remove this or rename it’s title.

Or even better still, can we get the docker file in the docker hub to be an artifact that is generated as part of the Dremio release build.

Many thanks.


Hey David,

Apologises, I think there was some confusion. The https://hub.docker.com/r/dremio/dremio-oss/ is the official version, and it running an up-to-date Docker. However, this is not the same as the github project lmangani/dremio-docker (this is an earlier unofficial docker image).

The official image is build by us as Dremio.

Hopefully, that’s cleared up. Regarding Anthony’s suggestion in modifying run.sh, are you able to give this a try, or do you need a bit more clarity?

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