Web Server not starting after recreating Dremio version 14.0.0 container


I’m using dremio 14.0.0. with the official docker image. I needed to recreate the container to add the Flight port to the container port binding.
After creating again the container I have no response from the port 9047. I think the logs don’t show any related error.
I don’t see the line “INFO com.dremio.dac.server.WebServer - Started on http://localhost:9047

I don’t have a recent backup of the db folder. I do it when upgrading the demio version. I’m stuck and I need to solve it because we are using it in production. Can you help me?

I’m attaching the logs.

dremio-logs.zip (6,6 KB)

This is my dremio.conf

paths: {
  # the local path for dremio to store data.
  local: ${DREMIO_HOME}"/data"

  # the distributed path Dremio data including job results, downloads, uploads, etc
  #dist: "pdfs://"${paths.local}"/pdfs"

services: {
  coordinator.enabled: true,
  coordinator.master.enabled: true,
  executor.enabled: true


This is a very verbose log but should tell us what is going on. Add this to the logback.xml under the conf folder and try again


A jstack would also help

for i in `seq -w 3 1 300`
jstack -l dremio-pid > ThreadDump$i.txt
sleep 1

Hi @balaji.ramaswamy ,

I restored a snapshot from a couple of days ago and it is working ok.

Before that I cloned to a new server so I could investigate the issue.

The new server complaint at boot time about errors on disk and I fixed them with fsck. Then started dremio container and it was working fine.

I restored in other server a snapshot taken after the the web server problem began, and dremio started ok as well.

So it is working fine and I cannot reproduce the problem I had to debug

Thank you for your help