Dremio custom connector not show in sources section

Hi, I’ve develop a custom connector, it appear when try create new, then also appear in query window but not appear in datasets tab for edit

Reviewing code of UI I can see that Dremio has burned posibble datasource types, so custom connector are not mapped so not appear in this ReactJS component of the ui

HI @dch , @RavB can you reproduce this error?

Hi friends, any news abaout this isse I think that is a important bug @dch @RavB @balaji.ramaswamy

Will try and reproduce. May take some time.

Hi thank you, I wait your reply

Hi, this issue was only reproducible in 22.0.0. When trying on 22.1.1, this issue is resolved.

Hi, but 22.1.1 is not available yet!

From what I hear, it will be released soon, but I don’t have the exact date.