Dremio Geo Spatial Extensions - Announcements

Hi all

I’ll be using this topic from now on to post about new version releases for the Dremio UDF GIS library, providing Geo Spaitial capabilities and extensions for Dremio

The most recent version contains the following updates:

  • PROJ4 upgraded to latest version
  • Dremio 23.1.x support added
  • Lots of GIS functionality added:
    • ST_AsBinary
    • ST_AsEWKB
    • ST_GeomFromEWKB
    • ST_ConcaveHull (2 variants)
    • ST_Simplify
    • ST_IsSimple
    • ST_AsEWKT
    • ST_GeomFromEWKT
    • ST_GeometryN
    • ST_NumGeometries
    • ST_IsClosed
    • ST_Centroid (bugfix)
  • More updates to the WIKI usage page
  • Null behavior changed to INTERNAL, with functions now verifying null inputs (PostGIS like behavior)
  • Spatial Relation function now fail on different SRIDs (PostGIS like behavior)
  • Added computation costs to different function
  • Improved test coverage

You can get the artifacts from the release page

Enjoy :cowboy_hat_face:


Some more nice features and improvements added to Dremio UDF GIS:

  • ST_IsValid functionality added ( with or without flags integer argument)
  • ST_IsValidReason functionality added ( with or without flags integer argument)
  • ST_MakeValid functionality added (with or without keepcollapsed=true|false arguement)
  • PROJ4 Packaging bugffixes
  • ST_Transform bugfixes for POLYGON/MULTIPOLYGON geometries Github Issue #45
  • POM packaging fixes for proper maven central indexing
  • Added Dremio 24.0.x compatbility (0.9.x version set)

You can get the latest artifacts from the release page

Enjoy :cowboy_hat_face: