Spatial Queries


Does Dremio support spatial queries, especially when dealing with heterogeneous data sources? if not are there any plans to support this.

Thank you, Prakash


We do not support spatial queries across heterogeneous data sources. It is something on our roadmap, but not yet scheduled. We’d love to hear about the data sets (and sources) that you’re looking to query together, operators you’d like to see (within radius? within a lat/long box?) for our future planning.


Hi Ron,

Thanks for the reply. We make extensive use of PostGIs in Postgres (and sometimes spacial data in Oracle). We store data like lines, polygons, multi-polygons etc.

The data we deal with is mostly Airport locations (points), Runway shapes(polygon), Airspace polygons, Flight Tracks(linestring) etc. So analytic queries will be how many flights crossed a certain airspace from 6am to 10am etc. We make extensive use of the different postgis functions … Also sometimes we write our own functions…which is another question I have…does dremio let one create user defined functions?

Please let me know if you need any additional information.

Thank you, Prakash

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Thank you, Parakash.

We do not have explicit UDF support. We do have a function framework internally that provides foundation for UDF support in a future release.


Hi Ron, Thanks for the update on UDF. Quick clarification.

you said
We do not support spatial queries across heterogeneous data sources

When I run a spatial query form a single db table I get an error (see attached picture)…just wanted to confirm that it is the expected behavior.

Thank you, Prakash

You’re correct, this is expected behavior. A number of geo-specific functions haven’t yet been implemented.

Ron any update about supporting geoquery or geospatial function on dremio?..


Hi Ron,

The same for us, spatial queries support, specially from postgis should be great. We use multiline, polygon, line ,point, multipoint, with many st_function in the geological context.

Is there any scheduled on spatial queries support now ?

Thank you


Agreed - we would also like to see spatial functions in Dremio.

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