Dremio Spatial Implementation - Code Contribution/Direction

I am very impressed with Dremio at the moment. I am a big fan of Calcite, Parquet & Arrow. This project ticks so many of my check boxes.

Okay, I need a spatial implementation.

Having dug through the code, I am no clearer how I accomplish this.

I have successfully used the basic implemented spatial functions using a Calcite 1.16-SNAPSHOT via a “jdbc:calcite:fun:spatial” connection string.

Obviously Calcite is not being used this way.

Can any of the contributors direct me to the salient code where I can have “a stab” at implementing this?

Thanks in advance for your help.



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Hi @jonrmayer,

Thanks for your support, and for trying to take a stab at adding spatial support in Dremio. However, like you guessed, adding support is not just a matter of changing a connection string: this is because Calcite (like Arrow) is really at the core of our query engine .

In order to add spatial support, first thing would be to update to a newer Calcite version, but as we don’t currently provide the source yet, I don’t think it would be possible to do it as of now. But we are working hard on upgrading Dremio to the latest Calcite version, which would be the very first step (with more being needed to add the full support for spatial extensions).

If other people are interested in spatial support, please let us know so our product team can choose if/when to add it to our roadmap.


+1 on spatial support

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  • 1 we need also spatial support …

I work with geospatial data on a a daily basis. Spatial support would be a game changer for me.

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Plus for me here too

Hi all !

I support also this idea if Dremio cloud directly support spatial features.

For now you could try the Dremio GIS udf from Christy Haragan