New: Dremio GIS Project

Hey guys,

Anyone here wish to perform GIS queries via Dremio? Well, good news. I have ported the excellent drill-gis project to run in Dremio:

See the tests/ folder on the github page for example usage.

You can download the JAR from here:

Then copy the JAR to the jars/3rdparty folder of every node in your Dremio cluster, and restart the cluster.



Good job. Thank you.

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Is there any chance, the project started by kelly becomes official and supported ?

any update on methods to query geo data?

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That would be great !

If anyone reaches this thread, I re-ported this functionality again to match with modern Dremio code:

Comes complete with maven central artifacts generation and Dremio CE version compatibility, caveat mapping , as well as updated dependencies.

Dremio UDF GIS

Cheers :sunglasses:


Updates: This project is gaining maturity.

ESRI API upgraded to JTS,
Modernized APIs
WKB/EWKB support for reading geom directly from PostGIS is also confirmed to work.

Dremio UDF GIS

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