Dremio ODBC Connector to Dremio instance in AWS fails

I deployed an AMI (Amazon Machine Image) of Dremio on AWS.
This deployment is hosted on a VPC instance in EC2 and also uses EBS.
I have a local installation of Tableau on my desktop.
To connect Tableau with the cloud instance of Dremio, I installed the Dremio ODBC connector.
I configured the server details according the the tutorials.
But when I test the connection, I get the error message below:

My Dremio connector for Tableau would work for a local installation of Dremio (i.e. Direct to Server points to localhost).
But the Dremio connector fails to connect against a Dremio instance hosted in AWS.
When I run telnet against the UI on port 9047 (i.e. telnet 9047), I get a successful connection.
But when I run telnet against the Coordinator on port 31010 (i.e. telnet 31010), the connection fails.
This tells me that the Dremio Coordinator port is closed from access.
I always assumed that this is because AWS closes its ports, including 31010, by design.
Is this not the case? Are users able to access a Dremio instance on AWS through a Tableau data connector?
How? How is the port issue resolved? On the AWS side? What is the procedure?
Thanks for your help.