[Dremio] [Connector] (20) Failure occurred while trying to connect to local=localhost:9047

I am new to Dremio, and trying to connect Dremio 1.2.1 to Tableau via ODBC with my admin account. I followed the instructions https://docs.dremio.com/drivers/dremio-connector.html However, the error message persists.
"[Dremio] [Connector] (20) Failure occurred while trying to connect to local=localhost:9047"

Is this a known issue with the new version? Or this is something wrong with my computer environment?

Looking forward to any comments or suggestions.


If you just downloaded Dremio and rely on the default configuration, port 9047 is used for the UI, and you usually connect to it using a browser.

The default port for ODBC/JDBC client is 31010 (can be configured to a different port). This should be the default when creating a new DSN, or when connecting from Tableau using directly the driver.