Dremio web sockets issue on Azure AKS

Hello Dremio team,

I’m trying to deploy Dremio CE latest(v24)Test environment on Azure AKS using helm. After deploying when i login on WebUI I’m receiving error Your Internet connection may be offline or WebSockets to Dremio are being blocked. and in console I’m receiving below errors.

Regarding networking I’ve replicated all existing rules from my working prod Dremio CE(v19) environment. Regarding configuration I’m using 1 coordinator and 2 executor on Standard_A2m_v2 VMs.

Could you please help me to understand what I’m missing here.

Here are kubctl logs below
kubectl_logs_dremio.zip (100.8 KB)

Thank you,


We resolved it, it was firewall issue
Thank you very much,

Thanks for the update @Nikola2 glad you are unblocked