Error Query Was Cancelled Because Planning Time Exceeded 60 Seconds

Dremio: Latest 2.1
CentOS Cluster, 1 Master, 3 Nodes running on Cloudera

Running a simple query, when a where clause is added I get the time out error, if the where clause is commented the error disappears. Interesting enough, the error happens only when I use the expressions “<” and “>”

Query Profile (1.4 MB)

Anyone with any ideas about this? Is this simply a software defect? I might be able to work around this by using a different SQL logic ; however, this defeats the whole self service purpose of the product

Sorry you’re having issues with this query. I see you’ve submitted a profile already so hopefully someone will be able to take a look at it soon.

Eveyone, a workaround for this issue is captured here:

Essentially, go to Admin > Advanced Settings and set the following support key planner.experimental.pclean_logical to false

Glad it worked per my offline email from earlier :+1:

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