Dremio jobs taking too long to planning

Hi everyone.
Some of my jobs is taking too long to planning. In the past, I had this problem, which was solved by disabling the support key “planner.experimental.pclean_logical”. However, I’m facing this problem with this job too.

Error: Query was cancelled because planning time exceeded 60 seconds

Attached to this thread is my profile. I’m using Dremio 3.1.0.
048a95cc-d082-4e80-9baa-ba963c483625.zip (1.0 MB)

My query contains a “not equal to” condition. I’ve noticed that when I remove this condition, my query works. However, I need to use this condition, but if I let it, the planning error appears.

Hi @Paulo_Vasconcellos,

It looks like you have over 20 reflections considered for this query. We are making some changes to the query planner that will likely help in this scenario that will be available in a near-future release. In the mean time, can you enter the following key in Admin->Support and disable it?


… and try re-running the query?

Hi @ben! It worked like a charm. :slight_smile:
Thank you very much

Same issue here. The query plan takes too long to process. Even with those support keys enabled:

[db03d651-e3aa-47d6-ae1c-a5c7ed80c53b.zip|attachment]db03d651-e3aa-47d6-ae1c-a5c7ed80c53b.zip (98.4 KB)