Invalid Query Exception

I have a query that terminates with an ‘Invalid Query Exception’ error. I’m trying to figure out what the issue is. I’ve attached the profile. Could you take a look and let me know what the issues is? (3.0 MB)

Hello @summersmd,

I’m having trouble viewing this query profile (it’s relatively large). Can you report the verbose error stack from the error tab of the profile?

     PLAN ERROR: Query was cancelled because planning time exceeded 60 seconds

Planner Phase Logical Planning

ben, if you get time could you also look at Execution times differ radically between runs for me? It’s been causing some issues.

Has anoyone else seen this issue?

I’m facing a similar problem. I described it on his thread: Dremio jobs taking too long to planning

Is your planner.experimental.pclean_logical: parameter disabled, @summersmd?

Yes, it is toggled off.


I have posted the error stack. Is there any way you can help me fix this?