Query was cancelled because planning time exceeded 60 seconds / extend timeout

Hi there!

We receive this error a lot of times, we have Dremio v3.0.6, I would like to know where change this parameter to extend the timeout.
thanks in advances.


Hi @AlejandroJMelo,

Can you share a profile from a few of these errors?

Hi ben!

I’m not sure if I could provide you this information, for reasons of compliance and security, but if you know where I can change this parameter I’ll appreciate that tell me.

Thanks a lot


Hi @AlejandroJMelo,

If you’re getting this error frequently, you may be encountering an infinite planning error. Please try the following:

Navigate to Admin --> Support
Scroll to the bottom of the page to Support Keys, add the following key:
… and click Show. Toggle it to false and rerun the query.

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Hi @ben

I followed your instructions,and until now, don’t see again the message error. I think that you are right!!! :+1:

Thanks a lot!!!

Hi @AlejandroJMelo,

That is good to hear!

Toggling this parameter changes how Dremio generates query execution plans. In Dremio 3.1.0 we’ve disabled this parameter by default (as you’ve done) because it reduces long planning times for a particular class of queries.