Failure creating/updating source [name]

Hello Everyone,
Hope you are doing well. I am trying to access MySql as a source from my Dremio single node cluster. But unfortunately I am getting error saying Failure creating/updating source [Mysql_test].. I am not able to figure out what exactly is the error. I have MySql installed on my local machine and also deployed Dremio using docker. I have database with values in MySql, which I want to access. Also, I have created ARP connector for SQLite with the tutorial. but when trying to access that getting the same issue. I have attached screenshot of the issue. Can anyone help me out with the issue? Thank you in Advance.


Can you please send us the server.log as soon as you hit the error?


Thank you for extending your hands for the support, but I figured out the issue. Issue was my JDBC URL was not created properly. After correcting it, I was able to access mysql as Data source.