Hopsworks-like project view

Hello, it could be interesting to adopt the Hopsworks (http://hops.io) project scheme where the basic unit is the project where teams are allocated and also resources.

@xmehaut We have plans to introduce two pieces of functionality, which I think should cover the requirements you are referring to:

  1. Workload Management functionality to target workloads based on user/group, space/source/dataset, client etc.
  2. A way to put quotas around reflection usage by space and source.

Does this match what you were thinking about? Would be good to understand.

hello can

yes the features you describe are a part of what i have in mind, but they may be encapsulates interstingly in the notion of project as i let you discover here :


a project is a consistent set of teams of users, shared datasets, shared resources, rights… simplifying then the overal handling of both the user and the administrator, avoiding potentially also the use of difficult techno like kerberos. a set of api may be also provided to initiate all these artefcts

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Got it. Thanks for the reference – we’re taking a look.