How to make {"mode": "Import"} default when creating 'pbids' file?

When I create pbids file from Dremio by clicking the Power BI icon, the default setting for data connectivity mode is “DirectQuery”.

In the case of data connection with “Import” mode, the data is imported into the Power BI, so if you create or interact with a chart for visualization, the query is done in the imported data and No request is sent to Dremio unless I tried to refresh the imported data.
However, in the case of a Power BI file connected to Dremio with “DirectQuery”, the query is delivered directly to Dremio whenever a chart is created or filtered.
In this reason, when DirectQuery is used, the query load in the Dremio can be significantly increased.

Therefore, I would like to change this default setting to be {“model” : “import”}, so please let me know how .


With DirectQuery

  • You always get current data
  • Also using Dremio’s executors to process data and push aggregated results back to PowerBI
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@balaji.ramaswamy Thx for your reply.

Yes, I know.
By the way, I prefer to connect in “Import” mode, not “DirectQuery”, and I want to set it as a default.

Could you tell me how to do it?

@balaji.ramaswamy any updates or instructions for this issue? still waiting for your response.


There is no support key currently that gives that option. That would be a feature request.