PowerBI Direct Query

Hello everyone!

I am still trying to get a working Direct Query with PowerBI. I hoped that the latest release of Dremio & Power BI could help, but it’s doesn’t seem.

  • Dremio: 4.9 Community
  • dremio-connector-odbc-
  • Power BI Desktop for Report Server (October 2020)

I only open PBI Desktop:
Get data -> More -> image

Select DirectQuery (seems good!)

Select my data then load:

There’s the result:

Impossible to have Direct Query at all?
I am not even trying to publish it to PBI Report Server yet …

Any ideas?

Thank you.

Hi @YEN,

I haven’t seen this warning before but did see a reference to it here:

Do you have perhaps have another data source in your report aside from the new Dremio data source you are creating?

Thank you jduong!
No, I tried to add a SQL in DQ, then disabled it (thinking than maybe Dremio will work in DQ as well, but no, it directly change in Imported.
So seems impossible to have a Direct Query between Dremio and Power BI …

This is untrue.

I just noticed the Dremio options under ODBC connection, but I have been using the Dremio connector driver that’s separately installed from Dremio’s website. It seems the ODBC doesn’t allow direct query, and is based on my window’s ODBC setting?

Eitherway, it’s been a frustrating endeavor to properly connect and maintain encryption.