Huge AWS bill yet I performed nothing

I have received a huge aws bill, but i nedd nothing on dremio.
I want to close my account now pleas !
Can you delete my account and assist me to recover my monney from AWS please ?

Thanks & Regards.

Hello @ffiacre,

Sorry to hear that.

I understand your concern regarding AWS billing incurred for your Dremio Cloud setup even though you are not using it for running queries.

I’d request you to please note that this cost is from the AWS side for the EC2 instance uptime based on your configuration if your configured Dremio Project engines are not stopped.

As mentioned in our documentation,

Standard Edition of Dremio Cloud is a forever-free tier which provides everything you need to successfully build, automate, and query your data lake in production. This includes all of Dremio’s key features including reflections and self-service semantic layer, without any limits on query scale or concurrency.

By default, the current version of Dremio includes a preview engine that is always on. This engine will incur some AWS EC2 costs even if you are not running queries. To avoid these costs, you can disable this engine or any other engine under Project Settings > Engines.

Hope it helps to clarify your concerns regarding billing.

Further, to help you with account deletion, could you please share your Dremio Cloud Organization ID and the associated email address over DM? I would file an internal request to delete your DC Organization.