Is Dremio Cloud able to work after i closed my AWS account?

It is part of the requirement to have a AWS account in order to sign up for the Dremio Cloud. So i open up a free tier AWS account. However, today i realized that my AWS account was being charged for $43.00++, only after one day…so, may i know how is Dremio Cloud free ? Any settings to do to make sure it will not automatically triggered the pay features in AWS ?

Besides, since i don’t know how to stop the process that Dremio triggered the pay features in AWS, i had closed my AWS account. Question is, will Dremio Cloud still able to work without connection to a AWS account ?

Thanks for your feedback @tk.l You’re correct that “forever free” refers to the Dremio Cloud platform component, and does not include the cost of any required cloud infrastructure, e.g. Amazon EC2 instances. We’ll make this clearer moving forward.