I have received a huge AWS bill yet I performed minimal transactions on Dremio

Dear Sir/Madam

I have received a huge AWS bill yet I performed minimal transactions on Dremio. Please explain why/how.

Any help will be hugely appreciated.

Kind Regards
Aslam Jeewa


Let me check on this and revert back

@AslamJ I am sorry you are running into this.

I understand your frustration regarding the AWS bill you received.

In Dremio Cloud when you create a project in your organization, a Preview Engine is created and started to allow you to connect to data sources and run your queries.

This engine creates an EC2 instance in your AWS account that will execute the queries. If you are not ready yet to use Dremio consistently, you can change the engine’s configuration to save on AWS costs in one of two ways:

  • You can change the engine configuration to have a " Min Replicas" value of 0 (documentation link on how to do that). This means the engine will not have any instances up and running until you need to run a query, at which point, the engine will automatically start to run it. Once you’re done running queries, the engine will automatically go back to not having any active instances. Please note that the engine will take a few minutes to start which will affect the performance of you queries.
  • The other option if you are not actively using Dremio Cloud at the moment is to simply disable the Preview Engine (documentation link on how to do that). This will turn it off completely, and will not incur any cost till you enable it again. Please note any queries that run against that engine will not succeed till it’s enabled back.

We are also introducing a change soon that will change the “Min Replicas” default to 0 out of the box, so you don’t have to make that change yourself, and you can change it back to a higher number to accommodate your incoming queries.

I hope this helps.


Thank you Youssef for your reply.

Whilst I have already implemented the 2nd Option immediately (a few days before receiving your reply), this does not resolve my current bill issue.

I had no idea that whilst I was just testing out Dremio and HAD NOT RUN A SINGLE QUERY or maybe if I recall a single small test query, I was billed around USD 300 in total by AWS without even running anything**.**

It is a huge inconvenience as these are funds I definitely cannot afford.

Very disappointed indeed.

Kind Regards

Aslam Jeewa