I have admin access, but I cannot see anything under my "Account Setting"

Hi Team,
I have been granted as a admin of our dremio portal, however I cannot see anything under my Account Setting, do you know why? pic_1_myAccountSetting

In above first pic is my account setting, second pic is my team member’s account setting, we both are admin.

Also, when I want to see the SQL Editor, my permission denied. Cause I am admin, I suppose I should have the access to see that. see attached pic for problem. Can you help on it?

@dolphinlei Is this Enterprise edition? Do you see your ID when you click on administrators?

Hi Rama, I even cannot see the Manual: “User Management/Administrators”, not know why and how to fix it?
See my screen of “Account Setting” Page.

That would mean you are not an administrator. Are you using LDAP groups for admin access by any chance - those are cached in Dremio so it will take some time for the cache to clear (or restart the coordinator to clear it).

Yes, use LDAP, but seems I have been an Admin for several months, cause I did really needs admin access before, but now I do need it. Any suggestion to fix it?

You would have to talk to an Dremio Admin and see if your user or group is still assigned as an administrator.

Thanks Doron.
I will check with him.
Also, can you share the steps to assign someone to have the admin access. Do we have such manual?

@dolphinlei Via the Dremio UI, you should be able to simply add the user or group in the administrator menu under thr admin menu and promote to an administrator