When we will have support to ElasticSearch 8?

Hello Guys!

Do you know when you will support elasticSearch 8?

Since last year elk bring us a lot of vulnerabilities, that force us update to 8.x. Since then, we can’t use dremio connected to ELK.

Thank you if you can give us a preview that roadmap.

Thank you guys!

Hey Cleyton–

As of right now, supporting ElasticSearch 8 is not something that is planned. That might change in the future but I don’t have more information than that as of right now.


Thanks for answering!

This is a little frustrating. As soon as we were able to implement our stack by joining log data with application data using dremio as a gateway, we were faced with the problem of vulnerability in elk. I believe that other people who use the combination and submit to tight control of vulnerabilities should be waiting for this update.
I hope this can be considered in the roadmap in the future.