Issue with Hive 3 and Dremio 2.1.4

i have an issue retriving a qwery result from HIVE 3 with Dremio 2.1.4 .
If i open an Hive table from the Dremio UI, it show: NO RESULT

But if i do the same qwery in Hive by command line i can see all the result.

The /var/log/dremio/server.log file report:
INFO query.logger - {“queryId”:“244a15e0-d795-287e-a61f-8f99c43d6700”,“schema”:“Hive.test”,“queryText”:“SELECT *\nFROM Hive.test.classe_veicolo”,“start”:1538648606540,“finish”:1538648606721,“outcome”:“COMPLETED”,“username”:“user”,“commandDescription”:“execute; query”}

Does somene know why it happen and how to fix it?

The issue is related to how Hive manage transactional table. If the base dir is not created yet (i.e. no major compactor were executed) Dremio is unable to read the delta dir. The workaround is to manually execute a major compaction (alter table [table name] compact ‘major’). This way should works. Following transactions are read correctly, without the need of new compactions.

Is it a bug in Dremio? Will be fixed in following releases?