Power Apps Power BI Gateway to Dremio

I’ve set up a gateway between Dremio and the Power Apps Power BI. I’m confused on how to get the data from Dremio through the gateway. Previously, I had a connection between Dremio and the Power BI desktop and I would then publish the dashboard to Power Apps Power BI. I’m just trying to automate the process so I can just refresh the data weekly.



We have the steps to troubleshoot a Gateway connection outlined in our docs here: Dremio

Hi, I don’t need to troubleshoot. The Gateway is connected properly - I need directions on how to get the data from the dremio gateway.

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If the Gateway connection was configured successfully by following these instructions here: Dremio

And your dashboards are published to Power BI from Power BI Desktop, you can access the Dataset settings from the Power BI dashboard and select the Schedule refresh option.

  1. Go to app.powerbi.com
  2. Go to your workspace
  3. Select the dataset you want to refresh
  4. Click the Refresh icon at the top, and select schedule refresh

Hope this helps!


Hi Cindy, So the gateway has been established, I’ve tested the connection and it works. How do I get the data from that gateway? All I see are directions tell you how to create a gateway connection and then how to refresh the data. But there seems to be a middle step missing…

Hi there,

Apologies, I can see why our documentation is a little confusing. I’ll have our docs team take a look at this.

Just to confirm, you are using Dremio Cloud, not Dremio Software, correct? We released Direct Connect last month which doesn’t require a Gateway anymore: Announcing Direct Connect from Power BI to Dremio | Dremio

Even with a gateway, you will still have to use PowerBI Desktop to connect to your Dremio Cloud data via DirectQuery and then publish them to access in Power BI Service. While the Gateway is not required, Power BI will give you the option to enable the Gateway on the dataset settings after you’ve published it from PowerBI Desktop. It should look something like this:

Then, you can enable the scheduled refreshes that way you can refresh it weekly on this same dataset settings screen.