Dremio direct query doesn't work in Power BI web

Hi people…
I have a problem when I publish my report to power BI.
I’m developing the report on power bi desktop and the connection to dremio via direct query is working perfectly. But, when I publish the report to power bi web the report appears, but can’t open the data.
I try to change the data set to put only the credentials but it doesn’t allow it (disabled). Could someone help me and tell me where the problem is?

you must install enterprise powerbi gateway, and create the connection in manage datasources in powerbi web

Thanks for answering…

I forgot to write I had tried with gateway but it didin’t work too. I think I have some specific problem with my dremio application. It’s hosted on AWS. Is it necessary for the gateway to be installed in the same environment of Dremio?

Gateway only can be installed in Windows envirnment
from your computer tuo can access to dremio port 31010??
so to test please install enterprise gateway (NOT personal) in your PC an then test to publish report
Also make a network test in entreprise gateway (upload logs please)

Yes. My computer can access because I develped the report on power bi console and it worked. Is it necessary configure the gateway in the power bi console? Because I connected on dremio with a query direct to dremio, like it:

Fonte = Dremio.Databases("[MEU IP]:31010"),
curated.comercial_Schema = Fonte{[Name=“curated.comercial”,Kind=“Schema”]}[Data],
gofree_ingressos_transacoes_View = curated.comercial_Schema{[Name=“gofree_ingressos_transacoes”,Kind=“View”]}[Data]

The erros on power BI web:

please show tecnical details and upload it.

The first image contains de details. See below. It has few details.


I’m sorry I didn’t see it, it was hard for me to understand in Portuguese.
ok, apparently there is some error that can hardly be identified remotely.

I suggest you discard other possible connection errors.

As you can see in the images, the link gateway is correct so try to build a small graph using your datasource directly from the power bi website.
if this works it is not a problem of powerbi web, it is some error or some functionality that is being used in powerbi deskop that is not supported by powerbi web or some custom visual or your languague settings (and codifications) maybe cause this errors.