Dremio direct query doesn't work in Power BI web

Hi people…
I have a problem when I publish my report to power BI.
I’m developing the report on power bi desktop and the connection to dremio via direct query is working perfectly. But, when I publish the report to power bi web the report appears, but can’t open the data.
I try to change the data set to put only the credentials but it doesn’t allow it (disabled). Could someone help me and tell me where the problem is?

you must install enterprise powerbi gateway, and create the connection in manage datasources in powerbi web

Thanks for answering…

I forgot to write I had tried with gateway but it didin’t work too. I think I have some specific problem with my dremio application. It’s hosted on AWS. Is it necessary for the gateway to be installed in the same environment of Dremio?

Gateway only can be installed in Windows envirnment
from your computer tuo can access to dremio port 31010??
so to test please install enterprise gateway (NOT personal) in your PC an then test to publish report
Also make a network test in entreprise gateway (upload logs please)

Yes. My computer can access because I develped the report on power bi console and it worked. Is it necessary configure the gateway in the power bi console? Because I connected on dremio with a query direct to dremio, like it:

Fonte = Dremio.Databases("[MEU IP]:31010"),
curated.comercial_Schema = Fonte{[Name=“curated.comercial”,Kind=“Schema”]}[Data],
gofree_ingressos_transacoes_View = curated.comercial_Schema{[Name=“gofree_ingressos_transacoes”,Kind=“View”]}[Data]

The erros on power BI web:

please show tecnical details and upload it.

The first image contains de details. See below. It has few details.


I’m sorry I didn’t see it, it was hard for me to understand in Portuguese.
ok, apparently there is some error that can hardly be identified remotely.

I suggest you discard other possible connection errors.

As you can see in the images, the link gateway is correct so try to build a small graph using your datasource directly from the power bi website.
if this works it is not a problem of powerbi web, it is some error or some functionality that is being used in powerbi deskop that is not supported by powerbi web or some custom visual or your languague settings (and codifications) maybe cause this errors.


Is this issue/bug still there?

We are facing the same issue, where we are able to Custom Connector to on-Prem Gateway and able to use the Gateway in Power BI Service by assigning the gateway to the Data Source. Everywhere we get a success message, but when we open the report we get the following error :

Thanks in advance!


Hi, the error is still there.

Tried dremio 3 standalone on windows, same machine as power bi gateway.
Also tried dremio 4 on a centos virtual machine.

Hope a solution arrive soon.

In my case, we found it better to change the reports to “import mode” and set up a data update periodicity at the gateway. But this is because we still have little data. Certainly, increasing the data volume we will need to try the direct query.

I haven’t tried it here, but check where the gateway is being installed and if there is any network block on AWS with Azure (where is power BI).

having the same error aswell. strangest thing is that using it on PBI Desktop works flawlessly, but the published report gives this error. the same ODBC driver is installed in the gateway machine.

@mendeel, this is a known issue we are actively trying to resolve. There is not a good workaround at this moment. Dremio will update this thread when we have more actionable information.


I have this same problem @ben, thanks for the answer!
I will look forward to returning the problem.

@Erick, @mendeel, @sszelenko,

Can you try:

  1. Upgrading to the latest release of the Gateway: 3000.58.6 (2020-09-04)
  2. Add a trailing backslash to the path where the Dremio connector file is specified in the gateway config:

This appears to resolve the issue in our testing.

Also, it would be best to reinstall the connector so the Dremio.mez file is our latest (modified date on that file should be 9-1-2020)

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Hy @ben, I updated the gateway and the Dremio Connector and got the same error here …
Will you have any step-by-step manuals in addition to those already available for me to test?

@Erick, follow this tutorial https://www.dremio.com/tutorials/connecting-power-bi-wateway-to-dremio/

In the step where you add the connector in the gateway, were you able to make sure that you have the trailing backslash? This (oddly) seems to make a difference.

@ben Hi!,
I tried again and it doesn’t work.

  • The power bi gateway is up to date.
  • The gateway used is not “personal mode”
  • The path to the connector was configured as suggested, with the inverted bar at the end.
  • In power bi service (web app), in the configuration of the gateway clusters and configuration of the data source, the connection is successfully made.
  • When making the aforementioned configuration, it is verified in Dremio Jobs that a completed record appears “Query Type: ODBC Client (metadata request)”
  • When publishing a test report that includes a single table in direct query mode, I get the error “The model cannot be loaded”
  • I updated the dremio connector to the latest version and it doesn’t work either.

@sszelenko, Power BI and Power BI Gateway are both later than September versions?

Yes, is up to date Power BI, PBI Gateway and PBI Gateway Personal Mode.

i’m using this setup:
Main PC with Power BI and gateways:
Windows 10 x64
Ip: x.x.x.3
Gateway custom connector path:

C:\Program Files\Dremio Connector\Microsoft Power BI\

Gateway diagnostics: ok
Connection between PBI service and this machine: OK
Desktop PBI direct query Dremio connection and usage: Ok
Desktop PBI import Dremio connection and usage: Ok
Connection between PBI web and Dremio in import mode: OK
Already uninstalled older version of Dremio Connector.

Data warehouse Virtual Machine inside the main PC, using HyperV:
Centos 7
Dremio 4.7.3
Dremio external source: Postgres DB hosted in same VM
IP: x.x.x.74

Also tried a suggestion that I read in another part of the forum and direct query still does not work on the PBI website: Summarizing the initial query in Power Query, going from being done in three steps to a single step.

Source= Dremio.Databases(“x.x.x.74:31010”){[Name=“xxxxxxx”,Kind=“Schema”]}[Data]{[Name=“xxxxxxxxxxx”,Kind=“View”]}[Data]