Communication between PowerBI service with Dremio


Could you please help me to resolve issue with communication between published pbi report with Dremio connector and PowerBi service.
I’m using:

  • Dremio software 20.1.0 Community Edition - AKS deployment
  • Power BI Desktop Version: 2.122.1066.0 64-bit (October 2023)
  • Power BI gateway Version 3000.198.9 (11/7/2023)

I’ve managed to setup PBI on-premise gateway and I’m able to create connection in PBI service to communicate with Dremio(after testing connection I’m able to see ODBC Catalog datasets in job results). But after following this instructions - Creating Reports by Connecting to Dremio with the Dremio Software Connector - i stopped at Manually add to gateway step. When i click on it and add connection it just create connection without mapping it on data source.

PBI on-premise gateway connections

Could you please look at this and help me to resolve this issue?

Thank you,
Nikola P

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