Quick Start port forwarding

I’ve installed the standalone quick start DremiIO on a remote Centos7.6 server and have launched it successfully. When I try and port using a SOCKS tunnel on FireFox to http://localhost:4097 I don’t get a response from the server. I was wondering whether or not you support remote GUI for the quick start? Or if there are any other methods I can use (such as a CLI) to connect my databases to DremIO.


You can use JDBC via a tool like DBeaver or CLI over port 31010

I know that but I’d like to use the dremio gui and I don’t see any resources online for how that would work on a remote setup.

@maxjpowers I see you are trying port 4097, is that the port configured as the default is 9047. I assume that was typo here?

Yes, I’ve now resorted to having Dremio on my Mac and setting up an HDFS on the remote server. However I get the error
Failure while configuring source [Hadoop].
when I try and source an HDFS. Is there any way to get a better error message?


The server.log on the Dremio coordinator should have more info