Release 4.8.1 docker image missing


When will the 4.8.1 Docker image be made available?
The announcement of version 4.8 is from September 24, in the release notes it has version 4.8.1, but in the docker hub the image is from September 18, from version 4.8.0 still.



4.8.1 was an EE specific image related to security which is not part of the Community edition


Perfect, thanks for reply.
The september 18 docker image contains all features and bug fixes explained on announcement of version 4.8 from September 24, right?


That is correct

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In this image the bug below, reported in the release notes as fixed, remains occurring for me. The save button remains disabled when enabling a raw reflection, so can’t save the reflection.

Save button unusable when enabling raw Data Reflections on a data source
Fixed race condition in Reflection creation UI.

This does not always happen, but only sometimes. Sometimes it is in the same dataset, sometimes in different datasets, and other times it works normally.