Snowflake as Source



Is there plan to support Snowflake as a source in Dremio?




Hi - we are watching interest in Snowflake and appreciate the feedback. Snowflake is not supported at this time.


Hi Kelly,

Would also be really interested in this. I am evaluating Dremio but our data is in snowflake and SAP. Snowflake especially is of interest.

Any timeline?




Not yet scheduled, but definitely coming up more and more often.

Another angle we hear is how to get MPL data warehouse out of S3 directly. That’s what Starflake Data Reflections are all about.

But we understand some folks have their data in a data warehouse already, so we have connectors for Redshift and others.


Has there been any traction on adding snowflake as a source? It’s quickly taking over redshift.


Yes! This is on our roadmap and we hope to make good progress in 2019. Stay tuned.


Another vote for Snowflake. Also, what about generic ODBC/JDBC support? If either of those existed, we could work with Snowflake.


Thanks for the vote, duly noted.

Unfortunately, “generic” ODBC/JDBC doesn’t really address unsupported sources.


One more vote for snowflake as a source.


Kelly, yet another vote for Snowflake support.


Is there any movement on this ticket - We’d love to see this move forward, would be willing to see if we can help this project along.


Cmon… when is Snowflake coming? :frowning: