PowerBi - Publish to PowerBi Service, supported?

So far, I have been testing Dremio and it a great tool to get to the data quickly.

I followed the instructions to get PowerBi going

I have experimented with both localhost and accessing the cluster node via a remote IP address. This all works great when a client is utilizing PowerBi Desktop. However, now the next step is to publish this content so that PowerBi App, Browser and Embedded can be populated via a Data Gateway into the PowerBi Service.

I can publish, manually, using Data Connectivity Mode = Import, however I am unable to setup a connection to refresh this data with a Gateway

I am NOT able to publish, manually, using Data Connectivity Mode = DirectQuery. This results in a 404 error returned by Microsoft.

Therefore setting up a DirectQuery and publishing to the PowerBi Service IS NOT possible. Using a process like this…

I am posting to confirm that my findings above are accurate with others experiences. That Dremio ODBC Connector ONLY supports PowerBi Desktop with DirectQuery or Import Data Connectivity Modes WITHOUT support in publishing to PowerBi Service.

Maybe there is a way to setup a ODBC connection instead?


The dremio custom connector in the documentation is not an option in the PowerBi Service. However, ODBC is. Therefore, to use Import mode (not Direct Query) for the PowerBi service, you have to have your locate data gateway on a Windows Machine configured to access ODBC by dsn name. This works with publishing plus then setting up a schedule for on premise data source as ODBC.

The next step for me now is to allow the Windows instance that is running the PowerBi data gateway to utilize an ODBC connection to a Linux node (if that is possible).

The ODBC configuration is detailed at http://docs.dremio.com/drivers/dremio-connector.html. Configuration should be pretty straigthforward, but let us know if you encounter issues.

Hi Dealercrm,

Could you please share the sample value you used in ODBC “Connection String” text box. Is it just Dremio DNS/IP address

@ashitabh_kumar the connection string is whatever is setup locally on your gateway instance in your ODBC configuration. dsn=Dremio Connector or whatever you named the ODBC connection as.

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Just a quick note that Power BI now supports Dremio natively and you can use it in all versions of Power BI…