SQL Data Warehouse connection issue

I can’t see any SQL Data Warehouse schema/table when connecting with Dremio.
If I don’t specify a database, I can only see the master db and if I specify a database I can see nothing.

I made sure that my SQL Server login works by trying other db tools (Azure Data Studio).
And I also tried specifying a fake database in Dremio and it generates an error.

It means that Dremio accepts the database and login I provide but It won’t show me a list of schema or tables.

Any idea ?

Anyone with an idea?
Are there specific roles to assign the user for dremio ?


What version of Dremio is this? Do you have server.log you can attach?



Looks like currently we do not support SQL datawarehouse. This is something on the roadmap that our product management team is looking at


Are you sure ?

There is a tutorial about SQL Data Warehouse on Dremio website here: https://www.dremio.com/tutorials/adls-dremio-powerbi/

And one of your users had an issue with SQL Data Warehouse that you resolved in 2017 here: Connection Issue with Azure SQL Data Warehouse