Support ElasticSearch 7 in Dremio single node (Docker)

We have a single node Dremio install in a container based on the official image tagged as 4.7, and we want to evaluate ElasticSearch integration. However, our ElasticSearch is the (still) unsupported 7.0, for wich there is a 3rd-party plugin (

How can I install this plugin? Do I have to compile the JAR and put it among the others in /opt/dremio/jars? How will Dremio know it is there?

Alternatively, is it necessary to build all Dremio OSS from sources to include the ES7 support?

Complete Dremio noob here, still crawling.

Hi William,

Dremio does not support Elastic 7 yet, but we are looking at options to offer ES7 support with Dremio.

For the 3rd party plugin referenced above, it would be best to contact the developer for any instructions required to install but it should be possible to add the plugin elasticsearch7 from the repository to your plugin directory provided it is compatible. Since the plugin was developed on a 4.1 version it may or may not be compatible with your 4.7 version.