Time out issues when attempting to connect to AWS

I am new to Dremio and have been reviewing the Dremio University courses. I am trying to set up on an AWS instance but I continue to get a time out. When I use the public IP and port 9047 I continue to get timeouts. I have reviewed the forums checking the options but cannot get past it.

No problems SSH to the instance.
netstat shows the port is listening.
I can see the dremio process running.
server.out shows Dremio Started as master and no errors I can see when I tail the file.

Any Suggestions?


What is the ERROR code? Did you try :9047?

No error code - Just a time out

The connection has timed out

The server at 18.221.xxx.xxx is taking too long to respond.

Am using :9047. Do I need to open port 9047 specifically in AWS - If so, how is that done, I could not find info on that.


@normbryant, you will likely want to add a rule in your Dremio master coordinator’s security group to allow traffic over 9047.