Unable to save folder sharing setting inside a space

Dear All,

When I try to save the folder sharing setting inside a space,
I got below error and unable to save the setting.

Anyone can help?
Thanks a lot in advance.

An Unexpected Error Occurred
If the problem persists, please contact support.
Session ID: ad867c8d-d77f-4c9e-98f8-f743c12f1fcf
Event ID: 05c7e48c384a44d3af20795e3650e8c4


@fklfong Let me check on this and get back to you

Sure @balaji.ramaswamy , thanks so much in advance.

@fklfong What version of Dremio is this?



Enterprise Edition

Thanks @fklfong will get back to you on this

@fklfong We have addressed this issue in our next release coming out this month

Thanks for notice, is there any workaround or hotfix which can be applied in our environment at this moment?

@fklfong No hotfix, does the issue go away if you refresh the page?

No, that error prompts every time when I save the permission.
I am not able to save the folder permission.

Thanks for the update @fklfong will soon release the fixed versio

Well noted @balaji.ramaswamy , thanks a lot.
Please let me know once the fixed version is released.