Using AWS Elasticsearch on Free Version

Can a free version of Dremio use AWS Elasticsearch? If so, how can I add it as a data source?

Thanks everyone!

Have you looked at:

This looks helpful, but Elasticsearch doesn’t show up as an option to add as a datasource.

@nerdbox Elasticsearch connector for Dremio is currently only on the software version

What do you mean ‘software’ version? Enterprise?

@nerdbox Software version is for deployments on VM’s, physical machines, on cloud like on EC2 machines etc. AWSE is via Amazon marketplace. Elastic search is available in the software version (even community edition has it) but not on the Amazon Market Place edition called AWSE

Gotcha - will Elasticsearch work on either free/community OR the enterprise version?

@nerdbox Elasticsearch is totally available on the community (free) software version