What are the technologies underlying Dremio?

Good morning, everyone! We’re working on something in a similar space to Dremio, so we’re evaluating it.

Dremio looks like some amazing tech, but I’m primarily concerned with compatibility and documentation. For example, Presto/Drill have Stackoverflow questions, fairly heavy backers, have been around for a while, and are fairly well understood, so I can look up what kinds of queries are supported, troubleshoot, etc.

Dremio, while it has an amazing feature set, seems much more of a black box.


  • What kinds of JOINs are supported by the Dremio SQL variant? Compare to Presto’s SQL reference. Is Dremio using Presto?
  • If I get an error message, how can I track it through the stack? What is the stack?

So, if I get more information on what the underlying technologies are, we’ll have more confidence that it’s not a black box and we’ll actually be able to debug it, fix bugs, maintain it, etc.

Thank you!


Thanks for your post and you have valid questions. We are constantly striving to improve documentation. error messages etc and your feedback is most welcome

In general we have come a long way in last year or so and have improved documentation, error messages, bug fixes, lot of very nice enhancements etc

In regards to looking at an error stack, we are open source and you should be able to look or you can always open a community post and we are here to help

Can I assume the first question is “Types of JOINS supported”, will get back to that

Also here are a few useful links