When using Dremio with Azure Web App for a container, all configurations are lost upon restarting the web application

We are currently assessing Dremio on a web application (container). Initially, it operates smoothly, but as soon as the container restarts, it loses all user data and other configurations. Is there a method to maintain persistent data and user configurations? If necessary, we are prepared to construct an docker image and mount and deploy it on the container registry and after that web app for containers or any other solution.
Could anyone help with the issue ?

You need to create a mount volume and attach /var/lib/dremio and /opt/dremio/data to it.

I am using the following docker compose which give me the design results on local. but I will try with web app containers. if anyone has any other solution please give.

version: ‘3’

image: dremio/dremio-oss:latest
container_name: mydremio
- 9047:9047
- 31010:31010
- 45678:45678
- dremio:/opt/dremio/data
condition: on-failure
delay: 5s
max_attempts: 3
window: 120s


Web Apps are not a good idea for Dremio. Use AKS.