Connecting ODBC Apache Arrow Flight SQL to Power Bi Report Server


Dremio data sources are available in Power BI Desktop RS, but they aren’t supported when published to Power BI Report Server or when you want to work with Reporting Services (SSRS) (see links)

Time ago we had the alternative of installing ODBC Dremio drivers. For example, 64-bit version to work with Power BI Report Server and 32-bit version to work with Microsoft Report Builder. But currently those drivers seem to have been replaced by ODBC Apache Arrow Flight SQL.

My question: How do we now connect a Dremio data source with Power BI Report Server or Report Builder?

I have tried via ODBC Driver for Arrow Flight SQL and I have not succeeded. In addition, it is indicated that it should not be used it to connect with Power BI Desktop and it does not work with 32-bit (see link or screenshot).

Thanks in advance.

ODBC Driver for Arrow Flight SQL | Dremio Documentation

Power BI report data sources in Power BI Report Server - Power BI | Microsoft Learn

Sorry for the delay, @rueda, the owner of this capability is currently ooo and will reply when they’re back.

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@rueda - for connecting to Dremio from PowerBI desktop, please use the native Dremio connector. Here are the instructions: Connecting to Dremio from Microsoft Power BI Desktop | Dremio Documentation

Re: Microsoft Report Builder, we currently don’t support 32-bit ODBC Dremio driver. Its in our roadmap, but unfortunately we don’t have any ETA at this moment.

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@Josh and @Manoj_Raheja, thank you for your answers.

Connecting via the native Dremio connector with Power BI Desktop works. It is not a problem working with Power BI Service but it is with Power BI Report Server (On-Premises solution). In my case, the problem occurs because if a Power BI report is made using that connection, then it is not possible to publish the report on the report server, since Power BI Report Server does not recognize that data source: Power BI report data sources in Power BI Report Server - Power BI | Microsoft Learn. That was the reason why they used ODBC instead of the native Dremio connector.

I have tried to follow these steps but in my case it does not work: How to connect Power BI to Dremio server then retrieve via ODBC – Dremio Support

Perhaps the problem is due to the fact that there is now some difference between the SSL connection parameters compared to the old ODBC drivers. For example, there is no “Disable hostname verification” option.