Dremio Connect - ODBC Windows failing

I’m trying to setup Dremio Connector (64 bit) on Windows environment. I’m able to connect to port 31010 or 31030 after changing in config file, but from remote machine within LAN I’m not able to connect, I’m getting not so descriptive message in error, its stating (20) failure occurred while trying connect local=MY_SERVER_IP:31010 ( or 31030 after changing it).

Can anyone please advise what other things need to be changed? I didn’t find anything using Google, hence posting here.

Thank you.

Can you please provide a screenshot of the connection dialog box (you can blur sensitive infos), or the connection string you use?

It would be great to also confirm that you can connect to Dremio from the remote machine, by opening a web browser and going to the UI, or by using telnet to confirm the remote machine can connect to port 31010 or 31030 (depending on your configuration).

Thank you for replying Laurent, I think the issue is with our corporate anti-virus setup, its blocking outgoing traffic, we’ll try out opening up that and see how it goes. I’ll update this thread if that doesn’t fix the issue, or even if it does so that others may find it useful.

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