Iceberg Table Maintenance using Trino on Airflow

we have using Trino version 419 here we using Iceberg Tables already we created Iceberg Tables but here i need Technical support for I need Iceberg Table Maintenance Trino querys and that we can create DAG on Aiflow for Iceberg Table Maintenance daily we run all table with varible on Airflow we check snapshots management ,compostion job,Retention policies this querys perform on Iceberg Tables


If I understand your question correctly, are you asking for Iceberg table maintenance in your Trino environment? if that is the case, you need to check with the Trino community support on what Iceberg snapshot maintenance features are available

thanks @balaji.ramaswamy but I need to create DAG on top Iceberg tables maintenance


Taking a step back, am I right that you have Iceberg tables created and queries by Trino tables and you would like to know how to do maintenance on these Trino crested Iceberg tables?

yes I know @balaji.ramaswamy

Is Dremio part of your available tools, cause then you can configure Dremio to do the table optimization which we’ll be more able to assist with. Dremio should be capable of coordination with Airflow.