Power BI June 23 update

Hi there, I am currently running Windows 2019 Standard server with Power BI Desktop in my organization. But since upgrading the Power BI version to the latest June 2023 release I have lost all of the Dremio Connectors. I can see the Dremio connectors on my work laptop after upgrading the Power BI version just not my server. Does anyone know how to resolve this. PS. I have already restarted the server, and rolled back the Power BI release back to the original version but that didnt fix the issue. Thanks

@Clifford It looks like this issue is resolved now? What was going on?

In the end I was close to getting the server re-imaged but thought why not try to run the setup again, that time it initiated the Repair option. After that the Dremio Connectors reappeared.

Thanks for the update @Clifford