What's planner.experimental.pclean_logical?

Hi guys.
I got a problem of query planning after creating a reflection. I’ve read that by disabling the key planner.experimental.pclean_logical: the problem could be solved. Indeed, it was, but I’m in doubt about what is this key. Can someone enlight me on this?

Hi @Paulo_Vasconcellos

The query planner will generate a number of alternative query execution plans and apply costing calculations on these. For some queries, it continues to do this for an indefinite period. Basically disabling planner.experimental.pclean_logical is a fix for this situation that tells the planner to stop generating the possible alternatives after a certain point. We are considering making this default in new Dremio releases, We are trying to determine if produces sub-optimal plans in other situations


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Thank you @balaji.ramaswamy! :smiley: